Who wants to help the Bloor Ossington Folk Festival?

Four years ago we set out with a mandate to deliver the residents of Toronto a free music festival. We set it up in the style of the old classic folk festivals that exist in many other cities in Canada. The layout of the festival and the vibe of the festival is a direct result of the many festivals the coordinators have visited. That is not to say that we program what most people would call classic folk music. Instead, we see that any music that incorporates a sense of growth in community and spirit and any music that helps lead people towards a more just society is in our books folk music. That includes such past “folk” bands as our good friends the Cancer Bats and July Talk, Eamon McGrath, Julie Doiron, Metz, Pick A Piper and countless other bands that one would normally not think of as fitting a folk bill. We have raised over 150,000 dollars in the past 4 years to pay bands and technicians and staging and tenting, etc.

We realize that many of the big festivals put that much money into a single act, but we don’t think they have offered you something better than what we have offered you. Maybe, if you’ve been, you agree.

We have never asked for payment, or financial support from the community (other than beer sales, in the beer garden, of course). 

This year, with the massive influx in festivals throughout the city and province and the splitting of government funding between those festivals and with the natural growth of our own festival, we are, for the first time, putting out a call for support.
This is a no pressure call.

We truly hope that everyone comes out and buys some beer and has a wonderful time (all beer sales go to the festival). 

However, if anyone would like to donate any money at all to the festival, we would greatly and seriously appreciate the help. 

Over the years we have had excellent support from some local businesses and are again being supported by these businesses. Two great supporters stand out. Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company have gone out of their way, year after year to help us hit those final goals and we thank them so much. 

Our buddy Jeff, the owner of Toronto’s Sonic Boom has been a fantastic supporter of the festival. Thank you Jeff for all you do.

In kind support from many local companies, from Exclaim! Magazine, Long and McQuade, Yardcore Productions, Century Drum Shop and SoloTech (formerly Midnight Hour) have also made this festival possible.

Our government support from the Ontario Arts Council and also from The Heritage Fund of Canada have been invaluable. The local Bloorcourt BIA has been very supportive, Christie Pits Residents Association, friends of Christie Pits and Loft as well.

We look forward to growing this festival bigger and better every year and your help will go a long way towards reaching that goal. 

Again, if you can’t donate, don’t sweat it. We do this for you and we want everyone to feel welcome and happy, year after year.

Thank you all for supporting us in whatever way you do…
Please share this and pass it along!