Julie Doiron and the Wrong Guys
Brendan Canning
The Highest Order
Eamon McGrath
Shotgun Jimmie
Baby Eagle
Jose Contreras
Will Kidman
Que Rock
The Dead Projectionists
Lily Frost
Pink Moth
Terror Lake
Ken Park
Now Yr Taken
Tres Bien Ensemble
The Lonely Parade
Heavy on the Willie
Alistair Christhl
Chug Bucket
The Idaho Stop
The Jarl Anderson Experience
The Woodshed Orchestra
Safety in Numbers
Nick Teehan
Club Django

Master of Ceremonies in Christie Pits: Dave Bidini

Year Three: September 20-22, 2013
Locations: Saving Gigi, Bassline Music Bar, Studio 835, Christie Pits and Baltic Avenue.
Artists: Omhouse, Stephanie Cameron, Jessy Bell-Smith, Taylor Knox, Zoo Owl, Alphabot!, Kira May, Menalon, Electric Jon, This Mess, Dutch Toko, Township, Prosimii, Minotaurs, Grand Analog, Kevin Kane, Memoryhouse, Pick A Piper, Julie Doiron, Union Duke, Little Foot Long Foot, By Divine Right, Public Animal, Beams, Alanna Gurr, Ken Whitely, The Manvils, The Schomberg Fair, Lily Frost, Catl, The Idaho Stop, Bidiniband, Lowlands, The Golden Dogs, Lemon Bucket Orkestra and Ronnie Hayward Trio.
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Year Two: August 18, 2012
Location: On the corner of Roxton & Bloor
Artists: Eamon McGrath, Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath), Mike Celia, Pow Wows, Lilly & Jose, Let’s Build Machines (Will Whitwam of Wilderness of Manitoba), Language Arts, Justin Dunlop, Pink Moth & Ben Hackman.

Year One: October 14-16, 2011
Locations: Saving Gigi, The Theatre of Human Health, Studio 839, Menalon, Delaware House, Emily’s House, Ortega’s Backyard, Lambadina (RIP)
Artists: Mothers of Brides, Culture Reject, J.J. Ipsen, The Billie Hollies, Dave Bidini, The National Shield, Ron Lee Tepper, Wayne Petti, Invasions, Pow Wows, July Talk, catl., Ninja Funk Orchestra, No Luck Club, Filth Kids, Toolshed Collective, Union Duke, Paul Kolinski & The Loneliest Monks, Joel Dalton, Max & The Renegades, Lake Forest, Eamon McGrath, Joseph Murray, LOOM, Gates, Kite Hill, Brian Borcherdt, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Pink Moth, Maylee Todd, The Schomberg Fair, Will Kidman, Julie Doiron, The Junction, thedirtymags, Tim Moxam, Barzin, The Done Fors, Jamie Fleming, Suitcase Sam, Nick’s Roommates Band, Faceless Forces of Bigness, Octoberman, Skeletones Four, Language Arts, Electric Jon, METZ and Cancer Bats
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